Bryan S. Graham

Professor of Economics, University of California - Berkeley
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Current Position

2017 - present Professor, Department of Economics, University of California – Berkeley

Past Positions

2011 - 2017 Associate Professor (w/ tenure), Department of Economics, University of California – Berkeley
2009 - 2011 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, New York University
2005 - 2011 Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of California – Berkeley (on leave 2009 - 2011)


2000 - 2005 Harvard University, M.A. & Ph.D. in Economics

1998 – 2000 Oxford University, St. Antony’s College, M.Phil. in Economics

1997 - 1998 Australian National University, Visiting Graduate Student

1993 - 1997 Tufts University, B.A. in Quantitative Economics

Grants, fellowships, and awards

2019 - 2021 National Science Foundation (SES #1851647) grant: “Semiparametric methods of policy analysis with social and economic network data” (PI) (272K)
2018 George Stevens Academy Athletics Hall of Fame, Inaugural Induction Class
2015 - 2019 National Science Foundation (SES #1357499) grant: “Econometric models for networks and matching with heterogeneous agents” (PI) (325K)
2009 – 2012 National Science Foundation (SES #0921928) grant: “Collaborative research: identification, estimation and application of semiparametric panel data models” (PI) (365K)
2008 – 2009 National Science Foundation (SES #0820361) grant: “Collaborative research: the econometrics of reallocations in the presence of complementarity and social spillovers: estimands, identification and estimation” (PI) (212K)
2005 – 2008, 2014 Committee on Research (COR), UC – Berkeley, Faculty Research Grants (multiple awards) (30K)
2006 – 2007 Center for Health Research (CHR), UC – Berkeley, New Faculty Grant (5K)
2005 Review of Economics Studies Tour
2004 – 2005 MacArthur Network on Social Interactions and Economic Inequality Fellowship
2003 – 2004 Harvard University Program on Justice, Welfare and Economics Fellowship
2000 – 2003 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
1998 – 2000 Rhodes Scholarship
1997 – 1998 Fulbright Scholarship
1997 Daniel Ounjian Prize
Lewis F. Manly Memorial Prize
Phi Beta Kappa
Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Men’s 3000m Indoor Track Champion
1993 Maine State Class B Boy’s 2 mile Indoor Track Champion


Citation analysis: Google Scholar, ResearcherID, Scopus


2019 “Identification and efficiency bounds for the average match function under conditionally exogenous matching,” forthcoming in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics (with Guido W. Imbens and Geert Ridder).

2018 “Identifying and estimating neighborhood effects,” Journal of Economic Literature 56 (2) 450 - 500.

“A quantile correlated random coefficients panel data model,” Journal of Econometrics 206 (2): 305 - 335 (with Jinyong Hahn, Alex Poirier and Jim Powell).

2017 “An econometric model of network formation with degree heterogeneity,” Econometrica 85 (4): 1033 - 1063 (Lead article).

2016 “Efficient estimation of data combination models by the method of auxiliary-to-study tilting (AST),” Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 34 (2): 288 - 301 (with Cristine Pinto and Daniel Egel).

2015 “Methods of identification in social networks,” Annual Review of Economics 7 (1): 465 - 485.

2014 “Complementarity and aggregate implications of assortative matching: a nonparametric analysis,” Quantitative Economics 5 (1): 29 – 66 (with Guido Imbens and Geert Ridder).

2013 “Comparative static and computational methods for an empirical one-to-one transferable utility matching model,” Advances in Econometrics 31: 151 – 179.

“Comment on `Social networks and the identification of peer effects' by Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and Guido W. Imbens,” Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 31 (3): 266 – 270.

2012 “Identification and estimation of average partial effects in `irregular' correlated random coefficient panel data models,” Econometrica 80 (5): 2105 – 2152 (with James Powell).

“Inverse probability tilting for moment condition models with missing data,” Review of Economic Studies 79 (3): 1053 – 1079 (with Cristine Pinto & Daniel Egel).

2011 “Robustness to parametric assumptions in missing data models,” American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 101 (3): 538 - 543 (with Keisuke Hirano).

“Efficiency bounds for missing data models with semiparametric restrictions,” Econometrica 79 (2): 437 – 452.

“Econometric methods for the analysis of assignment problems in the presence of complementarity and social spillovers,” Handbook of Social Economics 1B: 965 – 1052 (J. Benhabib, M. O. Jacksons & A. Bisin, Eds.). Amsterdam: North-Holland.

2009 “The incidental parameter problem in a non-differentiable panel data model,” Economics Letters 105 (2): 181 – 182 (with Jinyong Hahn and James Powell).

2008 “Identifying social interactions through conditional variance restrictions,” Econometrica 76 (3): 643 – 660.

2006 “Rich nations, poor nations: how much can multiple equilibria explain?” Journal of Economic Growth 11 (1): 5 – 41 (with Jonathan R.W. Temple) (Lead article).

2005 “Identification and estimation of the linear-in-means model of social interactions,” Economics Letters 88 (1): 1 – 6 (with Jinyong Hahn) (Lead article).

2003 “Longevity and life cycle savings,” Scandinavian Journal of Economics 105 (3): 319 – 338 (with David E. Bloom and David Canning).

1998 “Economic Growth in Papua New Guinea: Some Empirical Evidence,” Pacific Economic Bulletin 13 (2): 158 – 165.

Books & Reports

2013 Mobility and the Metropolis: The Relationship between Inequality in Urban Communities and Economic Mobility. Washington D.C.: Pew Charitable Trusts (with Patrick Sharkey).

1998 Exchange Rate Policy in Papua New Guinea. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: Institute of National Affairs, 1998. (with Ronald Duncan and others).

Submitted working papers

2019 “The econometrics of networks,” to appear in the Handbook of Econometrics 7A.

2018 “Semiparametrically efficient estimation of the average linear regression function,” (with Cristine Pinto).

2016 “Homophily and transitivity in dynamic network formation,” revision requested by the Review of Economic Studies.

2010 “Measuring the effects of segregation in the presence of social spillovers: a nonparametric approach” (with Guido Imbens and Geert Ridder).

Work in progress

“Nonparametric density estimation with dyadic data,” (with Fengshi Niu and James L. Powell), 2019.

“Nonparametric regression with dyadic data,” (with Fengshi Niu and James L. Powell), 2019.

“Optimal testing for strategic interaction in network formation between heterogeneous agents,” (with Andrin Pelican), 2019.

“Closing the teacher quality gap: an empirical analysis of a teacher assignment problem“ (with Geert Ridder, Petra Thiemann and Gema Zamarro), 2019.

The Econometrics of Social and Economic Networks (edited book under contract with Elsevier, joint with Aureo de Paula), 2017.

Inactive manuscripts

2011 “Inverse probability tilting estimation of average treatment effects in Stata,” conditionally accepted by The Stata Journal (with Cristine Pinto and Daniel Egel).

2008 “Endogenous neighborhood selection, the distribution of income, and the identification of neighborhood effects”.

2007 “Redistributive effects for discretely-valued inputs,” (with Guido W. Imbens and Geert Ridder).

2005 “Small sample properties of GMM and GEL estimation and inference procedures for social interaction models”.

Selected invited talks & lectures (including scheduled)

2019 Plenary Lecture, International Association of Applied Econometrics (IAAE) Annual Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus
2018 Invited “Microeconometrics” session of the Latin American Meetings of the Econometric Society, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Invited Masterclass, Warwick University, England
Invited Masterclass, Haindorf Seminar, Hejnice, Czech Republic
2017 Visiting Faculty (short term), Cowles Foundation, Yale University
Invited lecture, Cowles Summer Conference on Networks, Yale University
2016 Keynote Speaker, Belgian Network Research Forum (BeNet)
Invited lecture, U.K. Econometrics Study Group, University of Bristol
2015 Yale Institute of Network Science Distinguished Lecture
Invited lecture, Cornell / Penn State Conference on Econometrics and IO, Cornell University
2014 Keynote Speaker, Seattle-Vancouver Econometrics Conference, University of Washington
2012 Invited “Social Interactions” session of the European Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society, University of Málaga


Undergraduate Econometrics, Applied Econometrics
Graduate 1st & 2nd year Econometrics, Applied Econometrics

Short courses

2019 “Peer Effects and Social Interactions,” Mannheim and Bonn University Summer School, Kurhaus Trifels, Germany
“Methods of estimation and inference for network models with applications,” Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
2018 “Econometric Methods for Social Spillovers and Networks,” University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
2017 “Econometric Analysis of Network Data,” Department of Economics, University of Oslo, Norway
“Econometric Analysis of Network Data,” School of Economics, Singapore Management University, Singapore
“Econometric Analysis of Network Data,” Georgetown Center for Econometric Practice (GCEP) Masterclass, Georgetown University
2016 “Econometric Methods for Networks,” Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE), Belgium
“Econometric Methods for Social Spillovers and Networks,” University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
2015 “Empirical Methods for Program Evaluation and Networks,” CEMFI Summer School, Spain
2014 “Econometric Methods for the Analysis of Social Interactions and Networks,” CEMFI, Madrid

Service to the profession

On campus

Department Undergraduate, graduate, personnel committees. Equity advisor (2009 - 2018).
Campus-wide Faculty advisory committee for UC Martial Arts Program.
Committee on Courses & Instruction (COCI), Undergraduate Council (UGC).

Editorial positions

2019 Guest Co-Editor, special issue of the Journal of Econometrics
2014 - present Co-Editor, Review of Economics and Statistics
2013 - 2015 Foreign Editor, Review of Economics Studies
2013 Associate Editor, Econometrics Journal
2011 - 2013 Associate Editor, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
Board of Editors, Journal of Economic Literature


2019 Organizer, 2nd Berkeley-Stanford Econometrics Jamboree
2018 Co-Organizer, Gary Chamberlain Retirement Conference
Program Committee, North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society
Organizer, 1st Berkeley-Stanford Econometrics Jamboree
2016 Co-Organizer, Berkeley/CEMMAP Conference on Networks
2012 Program Committee, North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society
2008 Co-Organizer, All-UC Econometrics Conference

Research affiliations

2016 - present Research Fellow, Center for Evaluation and Development, University of Mannheim
2015 - present Associate Fellow, USC Dornsife INET
2012 - present Member, Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group, INET
2006 - present Faculty Research Fellow (Labor Studies), National Bureau of Economic Research
Research Affiliate, Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
2009 – 2011 Visiting Professor of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (short visits)
2006 – 2011 Research Affiliate (Development Economics), Centre for Economic Policy Research

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